Laura Larabee was raised on a farm overlooking the Mississippi River near Sabula, Iowa. She completed a double major in fine art and education from Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. As an artist, Mrs. Larabee shows her work at art fairs, exhibitions, galleries and through commissions.

     Regional agriculture, people, and nature are all depicted in her oil paiintings as Mrs. Larabee paints them using minute detail and clarity.

     "I get my ideas from the everyday farm scenes that are so much a part of the Midwest. With my landscapes, I like to show not only the natural world, but the human influence as well. Many times I choose to show how landscapes are worked by humanity only to have it revert back to nature over time. I also portray animals as they coexist with humans and adapt to man-made surroundings. My subjects of people show their likewise close conncetion with nature, whether enjoying or working."

     After Mrs. Larabee has her idea, she takes many reference photos, sketches and notes, and some props if possible, back to her studio. She then composes the paintings using her references and her imagination by doing a to-scale drawing on paper, which she then transfers to a mahogany board. The colors are built up using thin layers of oil paint, working from rough, earth tone block shapes into a smooth, detailed surface. An average painting takes 60-100 hours over a span of two months to complete. 

Current Work

     This year I received a happy honor. My painting, "New World" will be shown at a special exhibit called, "Into the Blue" at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. The show will be June 8 to September 15, and will show 81 paintings by different artists. The paintings all had to be primarily blue in color or content. I hope that you get to visit this exciting show during the summer and see all the wonderful art that will be on display! If you want to get the first look, there will be a reception with myself and the other artists attending on June 6, 5 to 7 p.m.

     This year, so far,  saw the completion of a portrait of my daughter with her pet donkey. The title, "Midwest Titania" was a humorous choice as the daughter is a bit fairy-like, and the donkey was eating the flowers!

"New World"

Avebury, England, Salisbury hill

in back & thatched barn

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